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U宝娱乐最高返水: WUAA members

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》》Poland Employer Committee

The First Rotating Presidency Unit

Poland Employer Committee was found in 1989. It is the largest employer committee in Poland. The committee has direct influence on industrial and commercial enterprises. The committee includes 12000 large enterprises, includes some large enterprises, banks, and law offices that has many years trade ties with China. The main purpose of the committee is to help enterprises enhance the ability in both national and international market. This committee could: promote direct connection and communication with governments; evaluate overseas market and find business partners; develop new business development prospects for Poland enterprises; manage meetings with foreign enterprises and assist Poland companies to deal with the difficulties encountered in foreign markets.

》》Silk Link of Ukraine

With the support from the Office of the President of Ukraine, Ukraine–China Friendly Group of Parliament Members of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (parliament), Ukraine's Foreign Ministry and Ukraine’s embassy in China, the Silk Link of Ukraine was established in 2016. China and Ukraine have always implemented a good-neighborliness foreign policy and economic cooperation policy, while the "Belt and Road" foreign policy advocated by President Xi Jinping is now producing new dynamics for the cooperation between countries.

Currently, China has multiple projects ongoing in Ukraine including China National Complete Plant Export Corporation (USD $3 billion loan from Export-Import Bank of China through grain purchase contracts), China National Building Material Company (USD $1 billion investment in energy sector), Huawei, ZTE, Xinwei Group (USD $0.65 billion in telecommunication sector), COFCO Group (grain dock in Nikolaev with investment of USD $70 million) and China Harbour Enginerring Corporation (performance of seabed deepening work contract for South Harbor, with an investment of USD $40 million).

》》Colombian Federation of Agribusiness, Commerce and Tourism ("FEDECUMBRE")

We are a Colombian mixed organization that serves as a Commercial Channel between the South American countries and the People's Republic of China, to develop projects of the Agricultural and Agroindustrial Sector in countries such as Colombia and other South American countries.

We support commercial management we support productive projects We support in the processes of Transformation of the products. We support producers, generating benefits to their quality of life we support Food Security programs We support Zero Hunger programs in the World We support Healthy Food programs.

We seek through our network of connections, to focus the efforts of the entire production chain, in satisfying the needs of the final consumer, always promoting high quality products, exclusivity, benefits for human health, origin, organic and natural.

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Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

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